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The grapes have matured, which means that they have reached the balance between sugars and acids that winemakers consider appropriate and it is time to start the harvest and the process of making delicious wines, such as those obtained in the designations of origin Arribes del Duero.

There are many localities in which this vintage is carried out as Pereña de la Ribera, Villarino de los Aires, Fermoselle or Aldeadávila.

It is therefore a tradition, in small areas of vineyard, and a traditional know-how, immemorial in time, since the Romans brought this fruit.

Varieties with an age of 50 and 60 years are Malvalisa, Rufete, Temprañillo, Juan García, Bruñal …, which adapt perfectly to a stony soil with slate and granite, a treasure that will evolve even more precious and exquisite wines.

San Bartolomé was the first cooperative of agricultural products of the Arribes, and that as a result of it and the subsequent Bodega «Arribes del Duero» gave the definitive impulse to be able to claim the quality that gives the seal ‘DO Arribes del Duero’.

In this laborious task it is interesting to discover the great amount of different grapes that there are, how the simple fact of using different wooden barrels during the ripening process can influence so much to obtain so varied wines, or that the skins (the skin of the grape) is what gives it its characteristic coloration (being able to elaborate, for example, white wine of black grape)

There is already the exquisite intoxicating nectar ready to be purified!